Ion beam lines at CSNSM, Orsay

Organizing Committee

The local committee is composed of CSNSM staff. CSNSM is a joined research unit of University Paris-Sud and CNRS located in Orsay, France. University Paris-Sud and CNRS are members of University Paris-Saclay.

Emilie Bonnardel
Christelle Dodeman-Denys
Sébastien Grégoire
Cyril Bachelet
Cédric Baumier
Nicolas Pauwels
Charles-Olivier Bacri
Stéphanie Jublot-Leclerc
Aurélie Gentils, Chair

Scientific Committee

Kazuto Arakawa (Shimane Univ, Japan)
Aurélie Gentils (CSNSM, France) Chair
Khalid Hattar (Sandia National Lab, USA)
Jonathan Hinks (Univ Huddersfield, UK)
Stéphanie Jublot-Leclerc (CSNSM, France)
Mark Kirk (Argonne National Lab, USA)

Previous workshops were held in :

Contact : wotwisi-4(at)
Address: WOTWISI-4, CSNSM, Univ Paris-Sud and CNRS, Bât. 104-108, 91405 Orsay cedex, France